Adobe: special terms for universities

SWITCH has successfully negotiated an agreement with Adobe for Swiss universities that offers them a discount of roughly 25%.

Text: Immo Noack, published on 27.04.2016

SWITCH signed the new Adobe agreement for Swiss universities in April 2016. It governs campus-wide licensing based on the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) for the Acrobat DC Professional and CC Design Standard products. The agreement is valid for two years and follows on from the 2013 agreement without a gap. Universities can thus continue to use the most popular products under slightly adjusted terms.

It might be assumed that this could be taken for granted, but that is not the case: Adobe originally wanted to include only Acrobat DC Professional in the campus agreement. By working together with colleagues in Germany and Austria, SWITCHprocure was able to negotiate campus-wide licensing of Adobe CC Design Standard as well, at least for the next two years. Without this successful negotiation by SWITCHprocure, universities would have been forced either to forego Adobe products entirely or to license each copy required individually. The former would have meant a very laborious switch to alternative software, while the latter would have resulted in massively higher prices.

Experience suggests that around 60 institutions will sign up to this agreement and thus benefit from a discount of roughly 25% compared with individual licences.

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Immo   Noack

Immo Noack

Immo Noack has been in charge of the SWITCH Procurement Team since November 2012. Prior to that, he held posts at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and on the Neptun project, among others. He originally graduated in Electrical Engineering.

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