A boost for SWITCHtube

All videos are now being additionally encoded by an external company.

Published on 01.04.2020

When universities recently moved their classroom-based courses online, the load on SWITCHtube quickly multiplied. Our servers, which encode videos as they are uploaded, i.e. compress and convert files to a standard video file format, were at full capacity. This meant that it took much longer than usual to make videos available. 

Outsourcing of encoding

To make SWITCHtube run more efficiently, we are now employing an external company to encode all SWITCHtube videos. The videos are then saved to SWITCH’s servers in Switzerland. This relieves pressure on the previous SWITCHcast system. The newly created capacity in our infrastructure is then available exclusively for SWITCHcast.

If your videos urgently need to be encoded in Switzerland, please contact cast-support@switch.ch.

About SWITCHtube

SWITCHtube is SWITCH’s video portal for the Swiss university community. All types of videos can be uploaded to SWITCHtube and watched on the device of your choice. Together, SWITCHtube and SWITCHcast make up the video management system offered by SWITCH.

About SWITCHcast

With SWITCHcast, lectures can be recorded and uploaded to an internal LMS or SWITCHtube. Together, SWITCHcast and SWITCHtube make up the video management system offered by SWITCH.

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