Hack The Hacker – It’s on!

Help, we’ve been hacked! Stay calm and beat the criminal hacker at their own game. SWITCH’s Hack The Hacker escape room lets you experience this thrill while learning about security in a playful manner.

Text: Séverine Jagmetti, published on 09.08.2018

One false click can threaten the entire company’s existence. If ransomware infects a computer system, it will encrypt all the data in the entire network. Without the correct decryption code, all business data – and with it, huge sums of money – is lost forever. Millions of internet users worldwide are affected by this type of malware, including up to 50% of companies in 2017, according to a study by Sophos (german).

SWITCH launched its security-themed escape room at the Open Source Security Hackathon 2018, which took place this week in Zurich and Luxembourg. The participants were the first to enjoy the SWITCH security awareness experience.

A playful approach to a serious topic

In an introduction, experts from SWITCH-CERT informed participants about the fundamentals of security. They then had to apply these in the escape room. They had to work as a team to outwit the malicious hacker who had encrypted all their organisation’s data using ransomware. Once the data had been retrieved, participants discussed what they’d experienced and learned – as well as any remaining questions – with the experts from SWITCH.

Together with the SWITCH-CERT team, the SWITCH foundation works to make the internet safer, in accordance with its motto, ‘Working for a better digital world’. The escape room is another puzzle piece in the attempt to make Swiss internet users – and employees of Swiss organisations in particular – more aware of the topic of security.

Hack The Hacker escape room

The SWITCH security awareness experience is aimed at students and employees in all areas. It takes place at SWITCH’s premises and lasts around two hours. A maximum of six people can participate in each game. Price on request.

For more information, please contact Katja Dörlemann, tel: +41 44 268 16 42 or visit our website.

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