The faces of Digital Solutions & Coordination

The Digital Solutions & Coordination division, launched on 1 September, is taking shape. Under the leadership of Marco Dütsch, the next steps towards the creation of a comprehensive range of cloud and service provisions for the university community are being defined.

Text: Séverine Jagmetti, published on 27.11.2018

SWITCH’s goal is a strong technical and strategic position for the future in the field of cloud services. That’s why the foundation is investing its energies and resources into further developing the innovative Digital Solutions & Coordination division. This division currently employs five people, in addition to leader Marco Dütsch, and further employees are being recruited.

Universities can expect a lot from Digital Solutions & Coordination. Its main focus is on offering the community help and support during the transition into the world of cloud applications. Direct dialogue with the community is very important. This takes place, for example, in person at events organised by the ICT Law Working Group and the SWITCHprocure working group, and at the Higher Education Cloud Day.

The specific services offered by the new division fall into three areas of expertise, along the same lines as SWITCH’s organisational structure:

  • Procurement: SWITCHprocure’s well-established services will be continued, offering the level of quality to which users are accustomed.
  • Legal support: concrete service offerings are planned for the beginning of 2019
  • Service management: service management supports the community in providing academic services via the SWITCHhub platform. SWITCH also aims to invest more heavily in community work in the field of cloud infrastructure automation. Milestones for the coming months have been set.

All three areas of expertise are focused on assisting the community with the use of a wide range of cloud services. In addition, this division will serve as an implementation partner for the Coordination Office for Scientific Information (COSI), which will be created in 2021 from the swissuniversities ‘Scientific Information’ P-5 programme. SWITCH’s technical excellence and wide-ranging experience of service management make it perfect for this role.


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