Let large files fly

Published on 21.07.2014

SWITCH has a solution for sending very large files: SWITCHfilesender. With this new service, you can send files several gigabytes in size without any problem. And you can do so free of charge. The only thing you need to use this SWITCH service is an AAI login. People who don’t have a login can also send files via Filesender if they receive an invitation from an AAI user.

Filesender was developed to meet the requirements of the academic and research communities, and has been adapted by SWITCH in line with the needs of the SWITCH community. The service runs on Swiss servers, and SWITCH ensures its secure and stable operation.

The files on SWITCHfilesender are deleted after 20 days at the latest. For permanently storing and sharing files, we recommend our SWITCHdrive service.

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