Don't be a victim – viruses can be avoided

There are a lot of reports about news websites infected with malware. SWITCH explains how you can protect against it.

Published on 12.04.2016

Trojans have been spread in Switzerland through banner ads on newspaper websites. SWITCH took this opportunity to put together some tips for Internet users and website operators on how to guard against malicious software online and where to find more information on the topic. Keeping the Internet safe is one of SWITCH's core tasks.


Tips for all Internet users

Back up the files on your computer regularly, for example to an external hard disk or a cloud storage service.

Install anti-virus software – you should ideally set it up to update its list of viruses regularly.

Install a firewall. It will alert you to problems on the Internet.

Regularly download updates for the software, plugins and apps you use and always make sure you have the latest versions installed. They include patches to correct known weaknesses.

Good-quality, new passwords
Change your passwords for banking websites, e-mail and other online accounts frequently. Use sequences of letters, numbers etc. that are hard to guess. Choose passwords you can remember. Do not write them down anywhere.

Take care when it comes to disclosing your personal details and entering them in forms. Do not click on every link in every e-mail, Facebook message etc. before thinking about whether it might be a scam. The same applies to opening e-mail attachments and the like. Phishing e-mails used to be easy to spot because of spelling mistakes and strange symbols, but they are steadily getting better and more believable because the cybercriminals are copying them from real companies. They often use stories from the latest news to grab your attention.

SISA check
Carry out a SISA check once a month

Install an adblocker.


Five tips to make your website safer

  1. Get professional support for your website.
  2. Always work with the latest CMS.
  3. Choose a secure password.
  4. Keep your computer and mobile devices safe.
  5. Keep your contact details up to date.
These tips are taken from SWITCH's Safer Internet site.The site contains more detailed information on this topic.


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