Well positioned for the future

SWITCH introduced the new Digital Solutions & Coordination division on 1 September. This division unites all the areas of expertise related to the increased use of cloud services being requested by a growing number of customers: purchasing, legal consulting and technical integration.

Text: Séverine Jagmetti, published on 04.09.2018

Cloud-based services are becoming an increasingly important part of the university landscape. That's why SWITCH has long been providing clarification regarding the range of cloud options available. Now, with an eye to the future, the foundation is going one step further and bringing together all the key fields required to make effective use of the cloud environment in a single division.

Management Board expansion

The new division will be led by Marco Dütsch. Since May, he has been the driving force behind the creation of the Community Service Hub, and will continue this process together with his staff in his new role. These staff are specialists in the fields of purchasing, legal consulting and technical integration, and complement each other perfectly when tackling the complex interdisciplinary questions that arise within the academic cloud environment.

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