Greater capability, convenience and security in 2018

SWITCH stands for greater capability, convenience and security in the digital world. This mission serves universities, their affiliated organisations, and large parts of the Swiss Internet sector. Some highlights from 2018.

Text: Peter KofmelAndreas Dudler, published on 13.06.2019

Greater capability

At the beginning of the year, SWITCHengines became even more attractive for researchers in Switzerland. They can continue billing all of their usage costs to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) as long as they use SWITCHengines for SNSF-funded projects.

SWITCH started the FUTURE UNIVERSITY initiative to start a dialogue about how universities will evolve in the digital age. In September, we worked with the W.I.R.E. think tank to publish a study based on interviews with community members. Many of our insights will now flow directly into strategic work at SWITCH. 

Working with our partners, the universities, customers and foundation councils, they have all done outstanding work and laid the foundation for added value in the coming years.

Dr. Andreas Dudler, Managing Director, SWITCH

Finding joint solutions, working in harmony, and learning from each other. In close cooperation with the universities, SWITCHprocure negotiated framework agreements with Microsoft, Adobe and TeamViewer, for example. This will save around CHF 3 million annually for the universities and their affiliated institutions.

Greater convenience

The creation of the new Digital Solutions & Coordination division consolidates expertise in the areas of procurement, legal consulting, and technical integration in response to increasing customer demand for an integrated solution. SWITCH is therefore developing the SWITCHhub marketplace to offer universities, commercial providers, and SWITCH a platform for supplying digital solutions for the entire community.

We have also made progress towards our goals for operational services, such as the SWITCH edu-ID – from both a technical and an operational standpoint. The first universities have already committed to adopting the SWITCH edu-ID.

Greater security

The number of domain names blocked by SWITCH to prevent phishing has increased tenfold over the previous year, while there has been a decline in drive-by attacks and malware. In the fight against cybercrime, SWITCH relies on partnerships with MELANI and the Zurich cantonal police’s Cybercrime division. Both bodies are officially recognised by OFCOM for their prevention of cybercrime. As a result of this partnership, SWITCH managed to take down 6,400 fraudulent web shops

The Swiss DNSSEC Pioneer Award is given to organisations and individuals that offer outstanding services related to the implementation and promotion of DNSSEC, and thereby make the Swiss internet safer. The Geneva-based registrar Infomaniak was the first winner of the award. Infomaniak is the first registrar in Switzerland to sign newly registered domain names with DNSSEC as standard. Overall, the number of DNSSEC-signed domain names increased 65% over the previous year.

Sale of switchplus

SWITCH sold its subsidiary switchplus to the Belgium-based Combell Group. This will allow the foundation to focus on its core business with Swiss universities and will continue to ensure the security of the Swiss internet. All proceeds from the sale will be invested in innovative services to benefit universities in line with the foundation’s objectives. These include networks, security and identity management.

The employees at SWITCH deserve a big thank you for making the 2018 financial year such a success. Working with our partners, the universities, customers and foundation councils, they have all done outstanding work and laid the foundation for added value in the coming years.


Video Message with Andreas Dudler taking stock of the eventful year 2018.

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