SWITCH's commitment to secure online exams

SWITCH has formed a consortium together with ETH Zurich to ensure that development of a tool for online exams continues.

Text: Konrad O. Jaggi, published on 30.06.2016

SWITCH is supporting the Safe Exam Browser Consortium as a strategic component of its community efforts with the aim of promoting electronic exams (also known as e-assessments) among the universities.

At present, 17 universities have expressed a strong interest in pressing ahead with e-assessments, vindicating SWITCH's decision to play a central role in their development.

Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a secure browser application that allows online exams to be conducted reliably on the basis of learning management systems (LMSs). SEB is an open-source project. Installing the application turns a normal computer into a student workspace or a student's laptop into a temporarily secured workstation.

SEB's flexibility means that a wide range of exam scenarios can be created without the need for lots of extra development work. A tool like this is also needed to ensure that electronic exams are conducted in accordance with the applicable regulations. SWITCH and ETH Zurich are thus adding value to the digitalisation of university processes in an increasingly crucial domain.

The SEB project started life as part of the AAA/SWITCH – e-Infrastructure for e-Science programme. To guarantee that it can now be continued on a sound footing and made available to as many institutions as possible, SWITCH has decided to fund it as part of the SEB Consortium for a limited period until the end of 2018 at the latest. This is an expression of its conviction that a cash injection now will facilitate a broad and sustainable funding base within the academic community.

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Konrad O.   Jaggi

Konrad O. Jaggi

After studying in Zurich and Aberdeen (UK), Konrad O. Jaggi managed several IT and information departments as well as a number of strategic planning projects. At SWITCH he led various teams and is currently responsible for the outreach of SWITCHengines.

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