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Thanks to SWITCH's many years of support, can provide more security and media competence in courses for children, young people and adults.

Text: Joachim Zahn, published on 10.12.2019

With its first contribution years ago, SWITCH supported media courses for parents and children. is still involved in further developing the security workshops for parents and children. We believe that children, young people and parents face the same challenges. Neither the young nor the "old" can master digital security. We find that parents are better informed and tend to do more for security. In joint workshops, the different generations can practice working together. This cooperation is essential for sustainability, because after the joint course, domestic support is simply better.

Educators as multiplicators

With the experience gained from the workshops for parents and children, we were also able to develop elements for further training with teachers, social pedagogues and/or social workers. These last between one and four hours and can be flexibly integrated into education events. In 2019 there were around 20 events in which we were able to pass on this knowledge to experts as multiplicators.

Age-appropriate programmes for children and adolescents

With the donation from SWITCH, topics can be addressed and adapted to a wide range of age groups.

  • In the first and second years of school, children can be made aware of how to protect themselves from unpleasant videos and cost traps. They also receive 5 basic rules to protect themselves against cybergrooming.
  • In the third and fourth year the latter can be differentiated and supplemented by practical tips. Finally, safe chatting is practised at this age. In addition to the right to one's own image, this is about communication problems and preliminary stages of bullying.
  • Finally, in the fifth and sixth school year, Internet security is addressed even more concretely. In this context, the choice of browser, alternative search engines and VPN applications will also be discussed for the first time.
    At secondary schools and grammar schools, all these measures will ultimately be practiced on mobile phones. and SWITCH

Next year we will continue to offer our proven range of courses for all age groups and develop them further. Particularly in the area of security, we will increasingly draw on SWITCH's security awareness expertise. And who knows, perhaps this will result in new and exciting formats for children and adolescents.
About the author
Joachim   Zahn

Joachim Zahn

Joachim Zahn has been studying digital media and how they are used in day-to-day family life since 1989. He is a trained social and cultural educator with a Master of Science in social work. Besides his work as Project Manager at, he teaches Media Education and New Technologies at universities of applied sciences in German-speaking Switzerland.

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