The cloud for Swiss universities

With SWITCH Cloud, SWITCH is launching a new offering tailored to the particular needs of the Swiss education, research and innovation system (ERI).

Published on 10.11.2022

SWITCH Cloud offers users the option to get involved in the design and development of the cloud solution and sets the highest standards in security and performance. It complements existing cloud services, particularly for applications dealing with highly sensitive data.

In the interest of the ERI system

Rising digitalisation is increasing the need for IT services and the flexible availability of cloud, computing and storage capacities. Services purchased from existing cloud offers only cover the specific needs of the Swiss ERI system to a limited extent. This holds all the more true for the possibility of further development, security, performance and governance. That’s where SWITCH Cloud comes in, complementing the cloud computing market. For more than 35 years, SWITCH has worked as a digitalisation partner with the Swiss education, research and innovation community, meaning the foundation is highly familiar with the specific needs of this community due to years of experience.

New offering: SWITCH Cloud

Your cloud for special demands – flexible, secure and powerful.

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