.ch: domain transfer progressing quickly

Two thirds of all .ch domains have already been transferred away from SWITCH.

Text: Anja Eigenmann, published on 18.05.2015

At the start of June last year, around 1.2 million .ch domain names were still registered with SWITCH. Today this number had fallen to just under 400,000, i.e. less than a third. The transfer of domain names from SWITCH is thus progressing well.

SWITCH is handing over the sale of Internet addresses to other providers known as registrars, so the holders of some 1.2 million .ch domain names have to transfer these from SWITCH to a new registrar. SWITCH will in future focus on the secure and stable operation of the Swiss Internet.

It has drawn up a detailed plan in conjunction with the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) for the transfer of domain names. In the first phase, domain holders receive an information pack explaining how they can transfer their domain names to a new registrar. Several reminders then follow via various channels, including e-mail and post. Holders who fail to respond to these are sent a reminder by registered letter.

The first of these registered letters will be sent to roughly 10,000 domain holders during May.

The transfer of all .ch domain names is scheduled to be completed by mid-2016.

Click here to learn how to transfer your domain to a registrar.

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