Videos in Higher Education workshop

Published on 31.03.2015

SWITCH organised a workshop on 18 March 2015 in conjunction with the e-learning community eduhub on "Videos in Higher Education".

The first part dealt with technical aspects of video tools, in particular how the features in the latest versions of SWITCHcast and SWITCHtube work.

In the second part, community members presented some real-world examples illustrating how videos can be used in higher education. They demonstrated how engaging, professional lectures can be recorded in a home studio. There was also advice on what to pay attention to when making a video presentation, such as body language, enunciation, eye contact and visuals. One community member even offered make-up tips.

Given the amount of interest this video workshop attracted, eduhub is considering holding another one next year.

SWITCH has spent many years developing video tools for Swiss universities that enable virtual collaboration and recording of lectures on video. The latest generation of SWITCHcast and SWITCHtube opens up new possibilities for the SWITCH community to use videos and cutting-edge learning technologies efficiently and effectively in higher education.

Overview of all upcoming eduhub events
Workshop agenda and presentations
Video of the workshop (recorded using SWITCHcast, posted on SWITCHtube)
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