SWITCH stories get a new look

As you can see, SWITCH has switched over to a new website. Let us explain how it works.

Text: Anja Eigenmann, published on 28.01.2015

No, this site has not been hacked by cybercriminals with a flair for graphic design. What you see here really is the new SWITCH website.

The new look for our stories, which include news and background on all things SWITCH, is especially striking. They are now the first thing you see when you call up the site, letting you know what our engineers, developers, legal experts and the SWITCH community at large are up to. This means that our home page is always changing, with new stories appearing all the time in four languages: English, French, German and Italian.


The three top-level navigation categories are arranged horizontally. They are "Services", "About us" and "Stories".

The first two contain static information about SWITCH.

"Services" shows all our services at a glance. You can click on each one to read a brief and easy-to-understand description of it, rather like a flyer. The contact for that service appears in the box on the right.

If you want to find out more about a service, there is a link to the expert page in a box on the flyer page. Some boxes also contain a link to the Community Portal. You need a user account to log into the Community Portal, which offers information that will only be of interest to particular groups of specialists such as university IT departments.

"About us" is self-explanatory. Here you can find out all about SWITCH. Did you know, for instance, that it is a non-profit foundation? Job vacancies at SWITCH also appear in this section, as do the various working groups, projects and innovations SWITCH is working on.

As well as reporting on what we do in the form of interesting stories, we have also made the website much simpler and easier to navigate, and it is designed to work across all platforms. This means that it should look just as good on a tablet or a smartphone as it does on a large office monitor.

Our website is not quite finished at this stage. We will be adding some specialist blogs written by our experts as the year goes on.

All in all, we are very happy with our new website. What about you?

We would be delighted to receive your feedback – simply e-mail us at webmaster@switch.ch.

About the author
Anja   Eigenmann

Anja Eigenmann

Anja Eigenmann has worked at SWITCH since 2012 and is currently an editor for online and print media. She trained as a journalist and later completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Communications. She has previously been an editor-in-chief and consultant, among other things, and has led a course in online content writing.

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