To subscibe to SWITCHtube you must meet the following pre-conditions:

  • AAI - Authentification and Authorisation Interface installed at your institution
  • your institution agrees to the Service Conditions of SWITCHtube
  • your institution agrees to use SWITCHtube as a video portal for sharing videos
  • your institution accepts the combined tariff for SWITCHtube and SWITCHcast

How to install SWITCHtube at your institution:

As all software and servers are managed by SWITCH in dedicated data centers, there is no need to install anything locally. To use SWITCHtube in your institution follow these steps:

  1. Assign at least one SWITCHtube manager at your instituiton (a SWITCHtube manager defines the guidelines how to use videos and monitors the proper use of SWITCHtube).  
  2. Assign at least one SWITCHtube producer at your institution (a SWITCHtube producer can create one or more video channels and is able to upload videos to these channels).
  3. Ask all SWITCHtube manager(s) and all SWITCHtube producer(s) to go to SWITCHtube and sign in with their AAI login name and password. All SWITCHtube users have to accept the Service Conditions of SWITCHtube.
  4. Send an email to with the name(s) of the SWITCHtube manager(s) at your institution, including the billing address of your institution (name, department, postal code).
  5. Wait for feedback from SWITCH that your institution was created in SWITCHtube.
  6. As a SWITCHtube manager sign in to SWITCHtube and go to the Administration section (click on Admin on the bottom of the landing page).
  7. Go to Producer section and enter the names of the producers (if some names cannot be found, then these SWITCHtube producers have not signed in to SWITCHtube yet. Ask them to do this asap!) Note: You can add or delete producers at any time!).
  8. All SWITCHtube producers can now create video channels and upload videos etc.

Optional steps:

  1. send a logo of your institution to SWITCH (the logo should be provided as a vector image in the SVG format so that it can be scaled to various sizes without loss of detail)
  2. send a banner image of your institution to SWITCH (the banner image should be provided in JPEG format using the sRGB color space with dimenstion 2560 by 1280 pixels)

On-site training

We have found that just one session can be a big help and would be happy to take a closer look at your needs with you.