Certify documents

Certify your documents in just two steps:

Select document

Select document

The organisation determines which PDF documents it wishes to certify. The documents can be automatically certified in the university’s existing ERP/LMS system via an API, or manually via a web application.



SWITCHverify adds security features to the diplomas in the form of metadata. In addition, a digital document fingerprint known as a hash is stored in a blockchain. What is a blockchain?




  • The entire certification process is automatic and takes place in real time
  • Privacy by design: SWITCHverify does not upload the documents to the cloud for either certification or verification
  • The costs are based on the number of students and are scaled accordingly
  • Can be used via API or web application


Would you also like to certify diplomas digitally? Please contact:


 Urs Schmid
SWITCHverify product manager