Stay informed about SWITCHaai

AAI-Announce Mailing List

To keep in touch and up-to-date about SWITCHaai we recommend you to subscribe to the moderated, very low-volume AAI-Announce mailing list. Via this list we will announce AAI related news and events.

The AAI-Announce mailing list archive is publicly accessible.

AAI-Operations Mailing List

For technical and operational matters we have a separate mailing list. All administrators of an Identity Provider and Service Provider being part of the SWITCHaai federation should subscribe to the low volume AAI-Operations mailing list.

The AAI-Operations mailing list archive is available to list members only.

Questions Regarding SWITCHaai

For any kind of questions regarding SWITCHaai, feel free to contact the SWITCHaai team:
+41 44 268 1505 or