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Name uid
Description A unique identifier for a person, mainly used for user identification within the user's home organization
Vocabulary not applicable, no controlled vocabulary
References eduPerson, RFC4519
OID 0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1
LDAP Syntax Directory String
# of values single (multi in RFC4519, see notes)
Example values
  • pmuster
  • stud_05999123


From RFC4519: "The uid attribute type contains computer system login names associated with the object."

uid is the short name for User Identifier. It should not be confused with the Unix 'uid' (a user's unique numerical ID) nor with the 'Unique ID' attribute swissEduPersonUniqueID. Unlike the 'Unique ID', the uid is well known by the user, may carry visible semantics and may be presented to the user. It may be reassigned, if the former user left the home organization.


  • uid, contrary to common belief, is multi-valued.
    In SWITCHaai, home organizations MUST provide a single value only: the value most convenient for the user (e.g. well known or most meaningful).

  • uid is case insensitive; provisioning this attribute with case sensitive values that otherwise fit the intended semantics might cause unexpected results (e.g. non-uniqueness within an organization).

  • uid is security sensitive since it is used for authentication (login) at the home organization. This attribute SHOULD NOT be provided to resources outside the issuing home organization. It is mostly anyhow not unique across organizations.

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