SWITCHaai – the key that connects students and the university

At last it's possible to get by with fewer passwords: previously, students had to log on with a handful of user names and passwords if they wished to use services provided by other universities. Today, a single login is all that is required – thanks to SWITCHaai.

Uncomplicated and efficient
Everyone benefits from AAI – both the students and the universities alike: using just a single user name and password, i.e. the AAI login for their home university, they are given access to a large number of e-learning systems and web applications for all the participating universities in Switzerland. These other universities, in turn, save on time-consuming administration and, with AAI, are able to make their learning content available to a far bigger academic audience throughout Switzerland.


On the rise internationally
SWITCHaai is one big success story: AAI has considerably strengthened Switzerland as a research location and made a key contribution to the networking of the universities. It is the leading national authentication and authorisation infrastructure in the tertiary education sector and available at almost all Swiss universities. AAI has also succeeded in becoming established internationally too: comparable infrastructure is being built up and further developed all over the world.