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The video portal SWITCHtube serves as a central archive for all types of videos which are used in higher education. It can be used as the universal playback platform of all videos which universities have produced themselves or bought in. SWITCHtube always delivers the video content in a format that works on the viewer's device, eg. on a desktop computer or on a mobile device. You can use the simple, uncluttered user interface to watch, upload and share videos and to attach additional documents to them. Videos can be uploaded from any recording source. All files are stored securely on the Swiss academic network.

Partner and customer information

This expert site contains detailed information on SWITCHtube. Click on subscribe to find out how your institution can subscribe to SWITCHtube. Partners and customers can contact the team responsible for SWITCHtube directly. We will gladly present our offering to you personally on request.

User information and access to video portal

All the information users need can be found in the Help Browser. Please click on the link in the box on the right. All videos published for general viewing can be accessed without an AAI login. To view restricted videos you either need to log in using your AAI user name and password or to know the secret web address of a video channel.

For more information or a demonstration of SWITCHtube please get in touch with the product owner at SWITCH.
Many thanks for your interest in SWITCHtube.

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