Switch KaaS

Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) for the education, research and innovation landscape in Switzerland.

Kubernetes-as-a-Service from Switzerland

Switch KaaS is a Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) for the education, research and innovation landscape in Switzerland. The service is based on the software “Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP)”, which simplifies the management of your Kubernetes clusters and minimises operational overhead. It’s never been so easy to set up, manage and scale your clusters. Switch KaaS orchestrates and automates hundreds of Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions using a single management interface and API. The service is operated on Switch Engines, guaranteeing that your applications run smoothly and reliably and that your data never leaves Switzerland.

Applications are increasingly being set up on a container basis with microservices, their dependencies and configurations. The open-source platform Kubernetes orchestrates and automates the tasks involved in setting up, running, managing and scaling cloud-native applications. The container system makes it easy to organise your workload on multiple machines with high availability.

Most important features

Set up

Create a production-ready Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes.


Change or upgrade the clusters with minimal effort.


Get an overview of clusters and your workload with clearly arranged dashboards.


Adjust the clusters of your workload and automatically scale the worker nodes in just a few clicks.

Simple and quick cloud-native transformation

You can create a Kubernetes cluster that drives your cloud-native transformation in just a few clicks. SWITCHkaas simplifies the work involved with Kubernetes clusters so that you can concentrate on your application. Your development and operations teams work together on one platform in order to set up, run, manage and scale applications quickly and easily. SWITCHkaas and our expertise can help you take your IT infrastructure to the next level with security, stability, flexibility and speed.

Manual cluster management on a cloud platform is complex, prone to errors and expensive. It can also be difficult to find the right specialists. SWITCHkaas helps you reduce operating expenses, minimise costs and establish the basis for flexible and fast applications with impressive reliability.

Make the most of the open-source community

Benefit from the Kubernetes (K8s) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) community. This way, for example, you can enhance your existing software packages with configurable Helm Charts or Kustomizations. This simplifies the migration and operation of your existing applications considerably.

Your data remains in Switzerland

Your containers and data are stored on our cloud platform SWITCHengines. The data never leaves Switzerland.

Enjoy numerous benefits with Kubernetes

Ensure efficient use of resources

Run multiple containers without mutual dependencies on the same nodes. This allows you to use your virtual machines much more efficiently.

Your applications run more flexibly

Start containers with flexibility and speed on the orchestration platform.

Your applications scale better

Scale your applications with flexibility and speed thanks to containers as independently functioning units.

More agile software development

As the containers are reproducible, you can transfer your applications from your development environment to the productive environment with flexibility and ease.

Your containers are portable

Migrate container applications smoothly to other Kubernetes cluster.

Your applications become more reliable

Splitting your application into microservices and containers results in higher redundancy and availability. Kubernetes ensures that your containers are automatically started on a new available host in the event of a failure.

More time for what matters

It costs a lot of time and money to operate an infrastructure. SWITCHkaas simplifies your work and gives you the freedom to develop your applications. Your operating expenses are reduced and you have more time to spend on your core tasks.

Accelerate the cloud-native roll-out

Set up your Kubernetes platform in no time to allow your developers and operations team to deploy clusters extremely efficiently and securely. Manage your clusters centrally and intuitively with one single, clearly arranged dashboard.


Read the factsheet

All information about Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) from SWITCH at a glance.

100% vanilla Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source software used to orchestrate and automate container-based applications. SWITCHkaas simplifies work with the complex infrastructure of Kubernetes. The tool makes it easier to carry out migration tasks because open-source components are carried over without modifications. You save valuable resources because you no longer need to develop, maintain or keep your platform on the latest release level yourself.

Kubernetes community

Kubernetes is the result of a collaboration between thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations who bring with them their knowledge, their code and their continuous user support. The community continues to contribute to the success of the system. Use the collaborative project as the basis for the success of your own IT.

Discover our services

Experts from the SWITCHkaas team will be happy to provide advice and training. We have years of experience in operating complex, container-based applications and we understand the requirements, needs and challenges of your industry. Our expertise makes it easier for you to get started and helps you reach your objective faster. We are the right contact partner for all your concerns regarding containerisation, Kubernetes and GitOps.

Switch KaaS offers you a comprehensive range of services:

  • Self-service Kubernetes-as-a-Service with basic support to ensure operation.
  • Support and advice during cloud-native projects and migration.
  • Support with more complex issues (e.g. Kubernetes or GitOps-specific).

Diego Tres

Community Account Manager