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SWITCHdrive offers university members a secure alternative to commercial cloud storage services. Files can be stored, synchronised, shared and worked on in collaboration with others – quickly and reliably. The academic cloud storage service is easy to use with a browser, desktop client or mobile app. All data is stored on servers that are part of the Swiss academic network.

Partner and customer information

Usage informations about your organization can be found in the password protected community portal. SWITCH also uses the community portal to provide a range of special information and services, and also to offer a platform for technological exchange. Partners and customers can contact the team responsible for SWITCHdrive over the contact form.

User information and tools

All information for SWITCHdrive users can be found in the help browser. In order to use SWITCHdrive, you need an SWITCH edu-ID account for your initial registration.

Thank you for your interest in SWITCHdrive!

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Last updated: Saturday, 19. January 2019 05:30
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