Digital Identity
Digital Identity

Trust in your digital identity – for secure lifelong learning.

Our innovative technologies ensure a smart digital identity for all university members and other users that can be used across the board at all universities and beyond, never expires and supports lifelong learning. The Switch digital identity also ensures that your data remains in Switzerland and is subject to the strict Swiss data protection act.

There are many reasons to choose Switch

With our technologies, we offer smart digital identities for secure access to university and other networks. You reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Reliable data sovereignty

We ensure that your data stays in Switzerland and is therefore subject to the strict Swiss data protection act.

Universal applicability

We offer you a digital identity that you can use at various Swiss universities and for swisscovery.

Lifelong learning

Our digital identity never expires and accompanies you on your educational journey – for a lifetime.


Our solution is compatible with other relevant identity networks.

High data quality

Secure exchange in university networks: we create trust with custom digital certificates.

Seamless integration

Our solution is seamlessly integrated into university identity management systems.

Our solutions in the area of ​​digital identity


Esther Seidl-Nussbaumer

Head of Business Innovation & Product Management