About us

The Switch foundation

Switch was established in 1987 as a private foundation by the Swiss Confederation and the eight university cantons that existed at the time. The core aspects of the foundation’s mission are to enable, maintain and promote a secure and networked research and education infrastructure in Switzerland. By pursuing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in all processes, the foundation is contributing to Switzerland’s sustainable future. With more than 140 employees from 17 countries, we are committed to the purpose of our foundation.

What makes our foundation unique

Our mission drives us to new innovations – day after day. This benefits all students, lecturers and researchers across the country, and ultimately Switzerland itself as an increasingly digital centre of business. Read here what makes us unique as a foundation.  


As a non-profit foundation, we do not aim to maximise profits. This means we can balance the interests of all stakeholders and offer the greatest possible benefit to the community.

Community work

With our close-knit, collaborative network, we promote active knowledge sharing and joint service development. Our trusting relationships make us an extremely attractive partner for collaborations. 

Integrated offering

We create our services by integrating our core competencies and working closely with the community. This means that our solutions are always optimally tailored to the needs of our customers. 

The foundation’s organs

Our foundation is solidly established and broadly based. Find out here how it is structured.