Security and stability for .ch and .li domain names.

As a registry, we manage all domain names (internet addresses) ending in .ch and .li on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein. With our many years of experience, we guarantee security and stability. Our partners, known as Registrars, are responsible for selling the domain names.

There are many reasons to choose Switch

The work of a registry entails a great deal of responsibility, because the DNS (Domain Name System) is a key prerequisite for a functioning internet. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Experience and expertise

We have been operating the registry for .ch domain names since the early days of the internet in Switzerland. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have all the necessary expertise and are constantly building on this.

Solid basis of trust

We act on behalf of the Swiss and Liechtenstein authorities and maintain a close, trusting cooperation with them.

Highest quality

The Federal Council numbers the internet among its ‘critical infrastructures’ – and the DNS (Domain Name System) is a fundamental element here. The federal government carries out tests on the registry infrastructure, which meets the highest standards of security and reliability.

Partnership with registrars

We work closely with registrars, who register domain names for their clients. Together, we ensure a secure and stable Swiss internet.

Internet security

Working with law enforcement authorities and registrars, we as a registry are an important hub in the fight against cyber crime.

Added value through synergies

Internet security is one of our core competencies – in the registry as well as in our other areas of activity. This creates valuable synergies.

Urs Eppenberger

Urs Eppenberger

Head of Registry & Collaboration & Community Solutions (ad interim)