The persistent identity for accessing academic services.

Welcome to SWITCH edu-ID

If your academic services have to be opened up to further user groups, you want to simplify the management of user data or streamline your organisation’s identity management, then SWITCH edu-ID is a good choice.

SWITCH edu-ID is the logical extension of SWITCHaai, now adding basic identity management functionality. It takes over the advantages of SWITCHaai like single sign-on, and opens new room for connecting further identities and services.

The benefits

For organisations

  • One identity for anyone connected to a university (members, alumni, partners, guests etc.)
  • Infrastructure and user data under full control of the SWITCH community
  • Compatibility with AAI federations in national and international contexts
  • Data is verified and updated in a timely manner
  • Future-proof solution

For service operators

  • Security (SWITCHaai basis, controlled guidelines and high-quality attributes)
  • Standardised solution designed to support straightforward administration and access based on attributes and/or roles for all user groups

For users

  • One identity for all academic services – lifelong, user-controlled and secure 

  • Use outside of the confines of web applications
  • Transparent data quality and forwarding


SWITCH edu-ID and/or SWITCHaai?

Services already relying on SWITCHaai for authenticating users will continue to work as before without further action.
Service administrators who want to make use of SWITCH edu-ID’s advanced features should contact SWITCH.

Anyone who has a SWITCHaai account is encouraged for the time being to continue using it wherever possible. Some services making use of advanced features require a SWITCH edu-ID account. In this case, users who don’t have a SWITCHaai account yet should create their personal SWITCH edu-ID identity. They need to be informed by the service or responsible organisation as to how and where their SWITCH edu-ID account is to be used.


Transition to SWITCH edu-ID

SWITCH edu-ID will replace SWITCHaai. Organisations need to be well prepared for migrating to the new solution. Swissuniversities provides funding for such planning and transition steps.
SWITCH recommends starting a joint transition planning project together with SWITCH under the Swiss edu-ID project before 2020.


TRID WG meeting / SWITCH edu-ID Update Event 2019

Save the date for the next meeting: 20.5.2020

Contact for services & organisations

Swiss edu-ID project

Plan transition to SWITCH edu-ID for your organisation