Switch CERT

We protect critical ICT infrastructures such as the Swiss university and banking networks against cyberattacks. Our comprehensive solution provides intelligent early warning of potential threats and recommendations for risk mitigation measures.

Early on, we discovered that public and critical IT infrastructures have high requirements for security against cyberthreats. This led to the creation of Switch CERT, the Computer Emergency and Response Teams at Switch, in 1994.

Switch CERT takes part in international expert networks and partnerships to share experience, anticipate cyberthreats early on and provide effective defences. Today, Switch CERT provides services to state institutions in the research and education sector, as well as to private-sector companies in the fields of banking, industry and logistics and energy.

Always one step ahead of security gaps

Switch CERT helps you effectively protect your critical ICT infrastructures against cyberattacks. Benefit from our experience as a member of international expert teams.

Personal advice

We are here for you. Our support network not only offers support in crisis situations, but also provides preventive advice.

Immediate action

We maintain transparent and direct contact with your security and helpdesk teams. This enables them to take immediate action in the event of threats.

Exchange in communities

We have insight into many industries and infrastructures, providing us with a unique set of data. As a member of our community, you will benefit from this and receive regular information about possible security vulnerabilities.

Forensic investigations

In the event of an incident, we arrange for a forensic investigation. This way, you will be better protected in the future and will have all the documents that may be of legal relevance.

Training for your employees

To guarantee the current high security standards, we offer tailor-made training for your team.

Switch CERT covers the security needs of different industries

Collaboration and cooperation

Switch CERT relies on a broad network of national and international partnerships to address security challenges that transcend the boundaries of individual organisations. As a founding member of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA) and the Swiss CERT Community (CH-CERTs), we maintain close contacts with governmental and non-governmental organisations.

In addition, Switch CERT is active on an international level. Switch CERT is an active member of the European CERT association TF-CSIRT and the global Forum of Incident Response Security Teams (FIRST), and collaborates with security organisations such as RIPE, ICANN, APWG and many others. Through these diverse partnerships, we are expanding our expertise and strengthening our network to effectively address cyberthreats.

As a Switch CERT customer, you will benefit indirectly from the knowledge shared in these communities.

CERT Community

Join our CERT Community

Switch takes part in international networks and partnerships. Benefit from this exchange and join our SWITCH Community. At regular events, we provide information on the current threat situation, new solutions and effective defence.