Switch edu-ID

Switch edu-ID is the universal login for lifelong learning. Students and other users can access thousands of national and international services with Switch edu-ID.

Swiss universities participate in the Switch edu-ID identity federation, which is orchestrated by the Switch Foundation. Within the federation, members of universities can access services of other universities with their Switch edu-ID login. All personal data remains in Switzerland under the direct control of Switch and the universities and is covered by Swiss data protection provisions.

Switch edu-ID

edu-ID - nur ein Login

Only one login

Everything works with the same login: enrolling in your studies, registering on the learning platform and accessing cloud services.

Everyone can create a Switch edu-ID account immediately and free of charge.

edu-ID - Persönlicher, lebenslanger Begleiter

Personal lifelong companion

Lifelong learning doesn’t stop when you graduate – and continuing education is a big part of it.

Switch edu-ID accompanies you throughout your educational career.

With the Switch edu-ID account, you can access to services during and after your studies, such as alumni services.

edu-ID - Zukunftsgerichtetes Identity Management

Forward-looking identity management

Switch edu-ID supports your university in digitalising and optimising its identity management processes.

edu-ID - für Ihren Dienst nutzen

Use Switch edu-ID for your service

Give the Swiss university community access to your service:


- Access to the university community with > 900,000 identities

- Open to additional user groups

- Meets high safety standards

- Easy integration via OpenID Connect and SAML

- Attributes verified by universities

Simple integration

Detailed documentation and our technical support help will help you integrate Switch edu-ID.

High security

edu-ID stands for high security standards, modern and convenient login methods and outstanding data protection.

Efficient administration

Manage your own settings via the Resource Registry.

How to use Switch edu-ID



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