Forum Days

This new event format provides a platform for our various communities to meet and networking twice a year. The following working groups will meet up at the Forum Day in June 2024: CommunitySOC WG, ICT Law WG, Procurement WG, Security Awareness WG and Video WG. The Forum Day is a closed community event! Registration starts in April.


Cyber Security
Cloud Services


4. Jun 2024

9:00–18:00 h


FFHS Zürich

Additional Information

Communities/working groups in a nutshell:

CommunitySOC WG (Technical- & Management Meeting): This meeting serves to share knowledge within the SOCcommunity and focusses on governance and steering meetings for the CommunitySOC. 

ICT Law WG: The focus of this working group is on the one hand on the exchange of legal know-how and on the other hand on personal interaction with legals or persons responsible for legal topics of all higher education institutions. 

Procurement WG: The WG is all about taking individual universities' needs as a basis to work out, with Proc university staff, purchasers, and IT heads, tailored solutions that suit the entire academic community. 

Security Awareness WG: This meeting aims to bring together professionals from cybersecurity, communications, and learning within higher education and research organisations to share knowledge, exchange on best practices and pool resources for security communications and learning. 

Video WG: All administrators and interested parties are shown the latest developments in Switch's two video services (cast and tube). New use cases and requirements are discussed, analyzed and prioritized together. 

These are the working group topics:

CommunitySOC WG: Technical- & Management Working Group only for members of the SOCcommunity - Language of the working group: english

ICT Law WG: The legally compliant and responsible use of AI @ universities - Language of the working group: german

Procurement WG: Procurement update - Language of the working group: english

Security Awareness WG: coming soon - Language of the working group: english

Video WG: New features and updates for Cast and Tube - Language of the working group: english


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