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Ignite, Innovate, Inspire! This new event format provides a platform for our various communities to meet and networking twice a year. The following working groups will meet up at the Forum Day in June 2024: ICT Law WG, Procurement WG, Security Awareness WG, Video WG and CommunitySOC Meetings. The Forum Day is a closed community event!


Cyber Security
Cloud Services


4. Jun 2024

9:45–15:45 h


FFHS Zürich

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Topics of the different working group:

The legally compliant and responsible use of AI @ universities (ICT Law WG)

Together with Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, heading the "Teaching Innovation and Media Lab" at the University of St.Gallen the legal community discusses the use of AI at universities. Through examination of application scenarios, we explore the legal and responsible use of AI.

In the morning, ICT Law WG participants can take part in the "new procurement law" session that follows.


Procurement Update (PROCWG)

Get updated on the key contracts of our portfolio like Microsoft, Adobe and OCRE.

Dive into the topic of public procurement law, and get involved and discuss with us what moves you in the procurement community!

In the afternoon, together with the Security Awareness WG, we reflect on the implementation of the security and phishing awareness tool SoSafe.


Building a community for cybersecurity communications and learning (Security Awareness WG)

Together with our community we will discuss the challenges and needs of the Swiss ERI sector and define the modus operandi of a beneficial collaboration. Contribute your insights and expertise and be part of the future of this community. 

In the afternoon, together with the Procurement WG, we reflect on the implementation of the security and phishing awareness tool SoSafe.


New Features and updates for Cast and Tube (Video WG)

Community members will take away valuable insights, new perspectives and practical solutions that will contribute to the further development and distribution of their video service offerings. The current status of the updates to the features of cast and tube is shown, the new possibilities and the open points as well as the wishes of the users are analyzed. 


CommunitySOC Meetings 1&2 (paid membership community)

The technical and management working group meetings are core to the Community service. The technical meeting will have presentations by the SOC Basis and the SOC Architecture working groups. The management meeting is for decisions about priorities and roadmaps for the next 6-18 months. 



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