Hack the Hacker Lausanne

One wrong click and there it is: A criminal hacker has infected your organisation's computer system with ransomware - a disaster! It’s up to you and your colleagues to find the decryption code and save the data. Can you solve all the puzzles in time?


Cyber Security


26.–28. Nov 2024

9:00–18:00 h


Switch, EPFL Innovation Park Bâtiment, 1015 Lausanne

Additional Information

«Hack The Hacker» is a Security Awareness training, that raises interest in security topics and transfers sustainable knowledge through fun and teamwork.

The training will take max. two hours’ time. The training consists of three parts. The introduction provides the participants with basic knowledge about security which they further need to apply during the game. In a debriefing, the experienced security aspects are strengthened by referring back to the initially discussed topics.

Contact us at awareness@switch.ch to book your slot.