Switch LAN L2VPN

Secure and reliable site networking based on the Switch LAN infrastructure.

Based on Switch LAN, we offer high-quality layer 2 virtual private network (L2VPN) solutions for site networking. Ideal for a simple, transparent connection between two locations, or flexible and scalable for several locations. Our L2VPN service is the powerful and flexible solution for customers with specific needs where layer 2 connectivity is essential. While IP connections have many advantages, there are situations where L2VPN connections, which have their own unique strengths, are indispensable. 

Simple, reliable and scalable

Switch LAN L2VPN helps you to network different locations throughout Switzerland. And it’s simple, reliable and scalable.


Easy migration and flexibility

In certain scenarios, a simple and fast migration from one location to another is crucial. With Switch LAN L2VPN, you can easily move your services and applications from one physical location to another without changing the underlying network structure.


Seamless integration of existing infrastructures

Switch LAN L2VPN enables seamless integration into existing networks. Organisations with specialised applications and services based on layer 2 will benefit from this seamless expansion. They can take full advantage of their investments in existing infrastructures without making changes to their IP addresses or routes.


Competent support team

Our dedicated team of network experts are there to answer your questions and solve your problems quickly and competently. Take advantage of our proactive support and focus on your core business. 

Transparency and interoperability

The solutions of Switch LAN L2VPN are as simple as an Ethernet cable: plug it in and it works. Both the point-to-point version and the multi-point networks provide the best possible transparency for smooth use on your campus network.


Switch LAN L2VPN for site networking

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The benefits of IP

IP connections are often an excellent choice for many applications and requirements. They offer robust routing capabilities and are the basis for today’s Internet. In many cases, IP connections are even the best choice, especially when connecting multiple locations via a WAN (wide area network) or the Internet. They allow for easy scaling and provide broad support for a variety of services. 

As network engineers, we understand that each organisation has different needs and priorities. Our team works closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and offer the best solution. Whether you choose an L2VPN or an IP connection, we ensure that we meet the network needs of our customers with reliable, secure and high-performance services.  


Daniel Bertolo

Head Network