Security Awareness Training November

In this two-day course you will learn to identify human risk in your organisation and how to tackle it. With the help of numerous case studies and the guidance of the lecturers, you will learn how to plan, initiate and run a security awareness programme to change behaviour in the long term. You will practice how to communicate the importance of managing human risk effectively to relevant stakeholders and how to form alliances to get support across your organisation. Earn CPE 3.75 credits per day.


Öffentlicher Event
Cyber Security


21.–22. Nov 2024

9:00–17:00 h


Switch, Werdstrasse 2, 8004 Zürich

Additional Information

Learning goals

Participants will learn:

  • to identify, evaluate and tackle the human factor in cyber risk adequately and align it with the overall security risk management efforts.
  • to communicate the importance of managing human risk effectively to management.
  • to navigate the security awareness landscape: have a broad understanding of the tool box of effective measures and skills that will change users' attitudes and behaviours in the long term.
  • how to plan and initiate a security awareness programme, and to get the relevant stakeholders on board.
  • to tailor security education measures to specific target groups, using appropriate language and means to effectively convey the message, engage the audience and promote behaviour change.

Target Group

The content is tailored to people who are responsible for or involved in running security awareness programmes.

We welcome people from different professional backgrounds. No in-depth knowledge of communications, marketing, psychology, pedagogy or IT security needed.



Two days
theory & practice



3'000 CHF


Higher education sector

2'000 CHF


Other Switch customers

2'400 CHF



Classroom language will be German.

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Registration is open until Thursday 4. November 2024. For late registrations or to cancel a registration, please send an email to