Switch Cloud Compute

Discover seamless scalability, security, and flexibility with Switch Cloud Compute (SCC). Powered by the resilient OpenStack framework, our service offers a versatile and dependable platform for virtual machines, purpose-built to handle the dynamic demands of universities and research institutions.

The Challenges of Scaling and Managing Cost-Effective Computing

Educational and research institutions frequently struggle to manage and scale computing resources affordably while upholding strict security and compliance requirements. Traditional on-premises solutions often lack the necessary flexibility and can be overwhelmingly costly.

Customisable, Secure Infrastructure to Meet Your Application Needs

Whether you're launching existing applications or creating new ones, Switch Cloud Compute delivers the infrastructure to tackle your challenges with a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution. It streamlines the management of virtual machines, offers extensive customization, and safeguards your data with advanced security measures. Provision Linux virtual machines (Windows support coming soon) in seconds, fully configured to your requirements. Optimised compute, memory, and storage instances cater to your workload demands, all powered by AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series processors across various instance types.

Enhance Security

Safeguard your data whether at rest, in transit, or in use, protecting it from both internal and external threats with comprehensive security measures.

Build Scalability

Launch instances, orchestrate workloads, and provision your private cloud on demand, ensuring flexible scalability.

Optimise for Sustainability

Operate your workloads in our eco-friendly data centres, optimised for reduced energy consumption and efficient performance.


Find here an overview of the available features of Switch Cloud Compute.

Self-Service Capabilities

Independently manage your virtual machines with our user-friendly dashboard, boosting efficiency and reducing reliance on IT staff.

VM Resizing

Adjust your virtual machine resources up or down dynamically to match your current needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and optimal performance.

In-Region Load Balancer

Enhance application performance and reliability by evenly distributing traffic across VMs within a single region.

Global Load Balancing

Distribute incoming requests across multiple Swiss regions to maximise performance and availability while minimising costs.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Achieve greater control over your network traffic with advanced SDN features, improving security and efficiency.

Disk Snapshots

Generate point-in-time snapshots of virtual machine disks to efficiently safeguard and recover your data.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Support

Automate VM provisioning and management with popular IaC tools like Terraform and Ansible, increasing consistency and reducing manual effort.

Supported Operating Systems

Select from a broad range of operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows (coming soon) to match your application's specific requirements.

VM Shelving

Reduce costs by shelving virtual machines that aren't in use, perfect for development and testing environments during off-peak times.


Cloud Solutions for Different Use Cases

IT Manager
Cut IT costs by over 20% with Switch Cloud Compute, achieving scalability and simplified management.

Deploy new applications quickly and scale infrastructure effortlessly as project demands grow.

Professors and Students
Incorporate practical cloud computing into the curriculum, providing students with hands-on data analytics experience.

Compliance Officer
Meet strict security and compliance standards, safeguarding data and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Payment Plans

Flexible pricing based on actual usage, perfect for fluctuating workload demands.

Reserved Instances 
Lower rates for long-term commitments, offering cost predictability and savings.

Cost Transparency

Switch Cloud Compute provides clear, upfront pricing. Our transparent cost calculations are free from hidden fees, helping you budget with confidence. This straightforward approach stands in stark contrast to the often opaque pricing structures found elsewhere, bringing much-needed clarity to cloud service costs.

Cost Stability

Our prices remain stable over the long term, governed by the Board of Trustees' tariff controls. This distinctive pricing strategy lets us offer multi-year contracts that guarantee cost predictability – an invaluable advantage for educational and research institutions managing long-term projects.

Free Data Connection

Data transfer fees are often a major expense in cloud computing. Switch Cloud Compute eliminates these costs by offering free data connections via our own dedicated research and education network. This not only lowers your cloud expenditure but also simplifies budgeting, as data transfer is no longer a factor.

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