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For sophisticated cybersecurity, the human factor plays a crucial role. We support our community in raising awareness about threats. Through expertise and platforms for knowledge exchange and networking, we enhance the competencies of organisations in the field of security awareness.

Awareness-raising efforts (towards the population and internet community)

Switch makes a significant contribution to media literacy and cyber security awareness among the Swiss populace. Our commitment spans informing through digital channels like the Security Awareness Insider Podcast, iBarry, and Saferinternet, to hosting events such as the Swiss Security Awareness Day.

Centre of Excellence for Security Awareness

We pool knowledge surrounding the topic of Security Awareness, serving as the Swiss Centre of Excellence for Security Awareness. We afford our community members access to the most current methodologies, expertise, and technological advancements in Security Awareness. In this role, we acknowledge our responsibility as the leading authority and actively advance the field of Security Awareness.

Security Awareness Expertise on Demand

As a point of contact, we offer comprehensive support to our community members on the topic of Security Awareness. From analysing specific organisational challenges to the implementation of appropriate measures, our experts provide advisory support to our clients.

Together, we create a safe and connected future.

As a Swiss-wide competence centre for security awareness, we shape the security consciousness within our community. Our active role strengthens the resilience of our members against digital threats and shapes the future of security awareness.

We share our awareness work with the Swiss internet community. With the Security Awareness Insider podcast, iBarry, Saferinternet, and the Swiss Security Awareness Day, we reach a broad audience, impart practical knowledge, and strengthen the awareness of cyber security through digital channels and live events.

Through the continuous development of the security awareness theme, we stay up-to-date with methodologies and technological advancements. Our community members benefit from this knowledge advantage to better defend themselves against constantly changing cyber threats.


Swiss Security Awareness Day

Join us at Switch's flagship event, a crucial summit for advancing digital security awareness. Engage with industry experts in an in-depth dialogue on the vital role of security awareness in our interconnected digital landscape.

Swiss Security Awareness Day

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Katja Dörlemann

Security Awareness Expert



Cornelia Puhze

Security Awareness & Communications Expert



Fabio Greiner

Security Awareness Specialist