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The human factor plays an important role for a mature level of cyber security. We support our community in raising awareness by offering expertise, platforms for knowledge exchange and networking as well as material and measures.

Security Awareness Starter List

Don't know how to start your Security Awareness Program? Get an overview with our Starter List. Use this step by step guide to start planning.

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Security Awareness Action Plan

You want to start your Security Awareness program as efficiently as possible? Start with defining your special target groups, pain points, communication channels. In a workshop we will gather all important information to provide you with an action plan that includes a list of recommended measures and a roadmap.

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Expertise on demand

You need advice or just a second opinion? Our experts are there to help. If we don't know how to help you we know someone who does.
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Switch Security Awareness Adventures - Learn to think like a hacker

Hands-on security awareness experiences. «Hack The Hacker» in the escape room, «Track The Hacker» in the outdoor quest or try to save your «Piece of Cake» in our tabletop role-playing game.

Hack The Hacker

Hack The Hacker – The Switch Security Awareness Experience

Track The Hacker

Track The Hacker – a SWITCH security awareness adventure

Stay up to date


Relevant news, food for thoughts and reading recommendations to equip you in your day to day security awareness endeavors.

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Security Awareness Insider Podcast

Get inspired

Security Awareness Insider Podcast

Alles zum Thema Security Awareness, neue und kreative Wege, Tools, Trainingsansätze, Insights in Security Awareness Programme von Unternehmen und Organisationen und vieles mehr von und mit Katja Dörlemann (Switch) und Marcus Beyer (Swisscom).


Hört rein, wo immer es Podcasts gibt.

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Content (iBarry.ch)

3-4 security topics a year with creative commons license

Together with iBarry Switch is developing campaigns on four to five security topics a year. All the campaigns are based on the website and sometimes accompanied by print material, such as posters, postcards or stickers. The graphic material as well as the content on the website is under creative commons license and therefor free to use.



iBarry is open to all Swiss organizations wishing to raise awareness of cyber security among end users. In case you want to participate in the working group or you want to use some of the material for your own security awareness purposes don't hesitate to contact us.

Check out iBarry.ch

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Security Awareness Expert


Cornelia Puhze

Security Awareness & Communications Expert


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Security Awareness Specialist