Discover the many benefits that SWITCH has to offer you.

SWITCH employees enjoy numerous perks and opportunities for further development. We invest in you and your skills to ensure that we are perfectly positioned as an organisation to provide optimal support for our customers’ challenges.


Attractive working models

Arrange your work at SWITCH the way you want. We offer you part-time models, the opportunity to work from home, flexible working hours, full compensation for overtime and temporary work abroad. You can also take up to six months of unpaid leave by arrangement.

Personal training

SWITCH supports you in your ongoing development – whether it’s on the job, off the job or by attending conferences. If you’re attending courses, we contribute to the course costs and/or the time you need for further training. We can also arrange for your workload to be reduced temporarily. You get paid working hours before exams.

Flexible pensions

Choose the pension fund model that’s best suited to your current life situation. You can switch to another model at the end of each year without incurring additional costs.

Parental leave on 100% pay

At SWITCH, we offer female employees 16 weeks and male employees two weeks of parental leave on full pay.

Food discounts

With our Lunchcheck card, you can receive up to CHF 180 per month for food if you work full-time.

Private accident insurance

SWITCH will take out private accident insurance for you. As a private patient, you can receive outpatient and inpatient treatment all over the world. The costs are covered.

Other benefits that SWITCH offers

Other benefits that SWITCH offers

SWITCH also contributes to your internet costs when you’re working from home and to your public transport season ticket. Since the workplace is so central, you benefit from excellent public transport connections. At SWITCH, you have five weeks’ holiday (which increases to six weeks from the age of 50). Help us fill vacancies and we’ll give you a bonus. We have redesigned and modernised our cafeteria for our employees. The cafeteria is the perfect place to top up on free drinks and also spend your breaks. At SWITCH, we also attach a great deal of importance to a healthy work-life balance.