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We are all aware of the challenge: Internet fraudsters are getting cleverer and more professional all the time. This is forcing us to make constant efforts to adapt and step up our security solutions.


SWITCH's Computer Emergency Response Team protects the Swiss academic and banking network against cyber attacks. It gives an early warning of threats and recommends countermeasure.


With the SWITCH DNS Firewall service, the overall company's IT security is strengthened. By implementing this first layer of protection, malware infections can be prevented, users are shielded from phishing attacks and already infected systems can be identified.


Community-driven managed analytics platform for IT, Security, and DevOps Services with cutting-edge Data Analytics.

Trust & Identity

Trust & Identity

SWITCH provides secure identity services for organisations and individuals. Our solutions facilitate the access to services at universities, research organisations and commercial providers for members of the academic community.


Access to academic services should be secure and as easy as possible. The pledge of our authentication infrastructure is that users need only one identity to access the services made available by Swiss universities and related organisations.


Secure network communications hinge on two key factors, namely encryption and the reliable identification of communication partners. SWITCHpki provides universities with digital certificates tailored specifically to their needs.


SWITCHverify helps you to certify university diplomas using digital blockchain signatures, protect these diplomas against forgery and efficiently verify the authenticity of diplomas presented at application.



Public and private research is increasingly based on intensive data evaluation that draws on a wide range of sources. This requires fast, reliable data exchange with other locations and organisations. Network access also simplifies work outside of one’s home institution.


SWITCH has been networking the academic community since 1989. SWITCHlan connects universities with each other and with the Internet. In addition to the data network itself, SWITCH offers everything users need to make the most of it.


University members take access to their university's network for granted. SWITCHconnect ensures that they can benefit from the same access at many institutions in Switzerland and abroad as well as 2,500 public hotspots.

Infrastructure & Data Services

Infrastructure & Data Services

When one-off tasks are too much for local IT resources to cope with and investments are not economically viable, cloud computing is the answer. We provide a complete cloud offering under one roof: computing and storage services from SWITCH and also third-party providers.


SWITCHengines provides dynamic compute and storage services in the form of virtual machines to researchers, lecturers and IT-services of Swiss universities and related institutions. SWITCHengines offers great flexibility and advanced scalability, truly expanding the boundaries of your infrastructure according to your needs.


SWITCHcoldstor provides simple long-term storage for research and administrative data to researchers, lecturers and IT-services of Swiss universities and related institutions.


Simple backup and recovery of data operated by SWITCH, based on Swiss data protection standards.

Digital Solutions & Coordination

Digital Solutions & Coordination

SWITCH supports the university landscape with managing digital services – from licenses for commercial providers through to distributing academic services via SWITCHhub.


When it comes to buying standard software, most universities have the same needs and interests. SWITCH bundles these together and negotiates framework agreements with suppliers and manufacturers offering preferential terms.


The collective design and distribution of digital solutions from both commercial and academic providers to strengthen teaching and research in Switzerland.


Universities are often confronted with legal issues in ICT law. SWITCH specialises in IT, has been familiar with the higher education landscape for over 30 years and maintains close relationships with it. SWITCHlegal supports universities in legal matters relating to ICT law and offers legal consulting at a preferential price.



SWITCH offers collaboratively developed ICT solutions that empower users in and beyond the academic world to achieve leading edge results in a globally competitive environment.


Ever since the Internet came to Switzerland, SWITCH has ensured that domain names ending in .ch and .li are available round the clock all over the world. The registry infrastructure meets the highest standards of security and stability.



Cloud-based storage services synchronise files automatically across several devices and make it easier to share them with other users. SWITCHdrive gives university members 100 GB of storage space. All files are stored securely in Switzerland.


Some files are just too big to send in an e-mail. The best way round this is SWITCHfilesender. The service runs in the protected SWITCH cloud, and it's free.


SWITCHinteract instantly turns your home PC or mobile device into a virtual conference room. The conferencing solution, based on Adobe Connect, is ideal for meetings and teaching events.


SWITCHportfolio allows university members to record their skills and achievements systematically and present them in a professional way. It's designed to be used over the long term and for self-reflection.

Video management


SWITCHcast allows you to create and edit video and audio content and post it to SWITCHtube. Together with SWITCHtube, SWITCHcast is part of SWITCH's video management system. Videos can be annotated and fed into a learning management system.


SWITCHtube is a playback platform for all videos and the new video portal for the Swiss academic community. Together with SWITCHcast, SWITCHtube is part of SWITCH's video management system. All files are stored securely on the Swiss academic network.